Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadows in "Teal Takeover" and "Downtown Denim"

I'm a big fan of Maybelline makeup (for the most part) and I picked up a couple of these two color shadows. The first, "Teal Takeover" is a teal and bronze combination and "Downtown Denim" is a blue combo of light and dark blues shades.

Teal Takeover 
Downtown Denim
I love the look of the shadows in the pan... I love the split look and the convenience of having two complimentary colors together in one shadow.


1-2: Teal Takeover; 3-4: Downtown Denim
The colors have good pigmentation and are smooth to apply. I've used Teal Takeover in a look and the colors blended nicely, no creasing or other irritations.

I like them! And I'm so addicted to the way they look, I might grab a few more. Have you tried any of  these?

(They cost $6.99 per shadow.)

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