Sweet Libertine Mineral Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Many months ago, I took advantage of a deal going on at Sweet Libertine Cosmetics and ordered two of their shadows for a penny I think it was. It was a promotional thing and I didn't get to choose the colors. I remember them saying it would take a while to get the shadows and they were right about that... It took many weeks to get it and when it showed up, I had forgotten about it. I'm not saying this is their normal delivery system, I don't know how that goes but it did take me awhile to get these and then as long or longer to write about them.

They sent me "Camisole" which is a lavender and "Brass Monkey," a sort of brassy brown.

The flash gave a little more intensity to the shades than is really there... The following sunlight shade is a bit more true to life. The flash did pick up the sparkly-ness pretty well though.

"Camisole" looks a bit flatter in the pot than it does in swatch-form. It's pretty either way but it does pop a bit more once swatched. On the other hand, I think I like "Brass Monkey" better in the pot than on my arm here. It is pretty, though and it's got enough sparkle in there to add dimension so it's not boring at all, I'm just more impressed by less neutral colors. Can't help it.

Pretty colors. I'm not blown away by either of them but they are definitely very nice. Swatched beautifully... Very smooth and not at all difficult to a nice, opaque color payoff.

Sweet Libertine's mineral eyeshadows are priced at $6/pot and also come in a variety of color sets. They are vegan products. They also sell bronzers, concealers and lip products (among a few other things). Also good to note that SL runs a sample program where you can receive two free (randomly chosen colored) eyeshadow samples in small baggies if you send in a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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