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My name is Jen and this is a style blog with a major emphasis on high end makeup. I would like to share my own looks as well as products I love/hate and other finds I come across that allow us to live beautifully.

What does Five by Five mean?
Mostly I like the way it sounds but it also pays homage to Buffy, one of my all-time favorite tv shows. It has a few meanings; it's whatever you want it to mean.

ANOTHER Style/Beauty blog?

What exactly can I expect to see here?
Day-to-day makeup looks, experimental looks, makeup reviews, swatches and hauls. I also will incorporate any other style-related things I see fit from decor to clothing.

Do you have any professional experience?
Nope; I learn as I go.

Why am I following you?
I have a somewhat humble approach to beauty with a tinge of hilarity thrown in. I'm a down-to-earth hippie that happens to love makeup. I like to think I'm ecclectic and I will bring together a number of different interests and my readers will get to see style from my point of view.

Where are you on the internet?
I have owned echoside.net for over ten years. I have a Twitter and a personal journal.

You may know me from Specktra as Little Mary Jane.


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